The Company, to carry out its core business "ship management" to the international standards, is totally committed to achieving the utmost management standards with particular emphasis placed upon safety and quality practices.

The company has the international ship management certification from the Japanese Class. Customer satisfaction has crucial importance on the company survival.

Feedback Form

We would like our company to give more quality services as our customers demand. Please take a moment to complete and send this form to help us achieve this goal. Thanks for joining to our survey and for your suggestions.

Name & Last Name E-mail
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Job title Fax

1-Please select your satisfaction level about the below topics that are related with our firm.

Service quality
Relation with customers
Agreeableness between cost and service quality
Operation speed
2-After comparing with the other companies that you are working with, please select your satisfaction level about our firm.
3-Please select your reason(s) for choosing our firm.  
Because I worked before and pleased
Because of the quality certificates
Because of its vision in the market
Because of work ethics
Others (please state)
4-Please determine your critics and ideas for improvable side (s) of our firm.
5-Please evaluate the quality of the service that is supplied by our personnel in the light of below mentioned points.
a- The manner of the personnel while solving your problems
b- The experience and education level of the personel
c- Solving your relative problems in the direction of your needs
d- The personnel's effort to solve your problems
e- Politeness
f- Work ethics
Control : 5 + 1 =  


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