idcIDC Shipping Industry and Trade Inc. Co. is a company which was established in İzmir, on 23rd November 2005 to carry out chartering, agency and ship management services.

İzmir Demir Çelik San. A.Ş., which had served to Turkish shipping industry with Turkish flagged vessels between 1996 - 2007, is seriously breaking through again in the same sector where global embarrassment takes place. İzmir Demir Çelik San. A.Ş., has a vital importance in chain formation from manufacturer to consumer in the result of cooperations with other corporate firms within its own corporation, however IDC Shipping Industry and Trade Inc. Co. is a critical acceleration for İzmir.

İzmir Demir Çelik San. A.Ş. had served as shipowner till a while ago, they had evaluated the existing ships by selling according to market conditions thereafter and mainly concentrated on the investment to increase the capacity of the factory. In 2009, they returned fastly to the shipowning again by increasing its invesments through the shipping sector with purchasing vessels.

IDC Shipping Industry and Trade Inc. Co is focused on ship management with return of İzmir Demir Çelik A.Ş. to shipowning again.

Our Mission is:izdemir
Aspiring to be a first-class shipping company worldwide by achieving safe, environment friendly and highest quality shipping service and creating trustworthy relationships with our clients based on long term collaboration.

Our Vision is:
Achieving excellence in shipping with the best business solutions and being a professional service supplier for our customers in terms of full ship management profession.



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